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“I have no idea what aeolian cadences are........they sound like exotic birds”    John Lennon


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The Reviews section takes the form of our Song Of The Year archive dating back to the dawn of Rock ‘n’ Roll in 1954, compiled by decade. This is supplemented by a separate pages covering Top-20 tracks by calendar year. Both sections are presented with brief technical reviews in our familiar muso style, and accompanied in each case by a brief mp3 audio clip of a particular musical move under discussion.

Along the way we dole out The Anorak Awards, imaginary gongs to the songs, solos and songwriting sleight-of-hand which have seduced our ears. Even if you can’t follow the musical analysis, hopefully you’ll find a goldmine of playlist ideas across a wide variety of genres, from pure pop to hardcore punk via rock, metal, blues and jazz.

A good place to start is with our ten annual winners of the Songs Of The Year from Noughties; and perhaps our Top 20 tracks from 2009. With both lists we are working our way back in time over the next few months.

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Top-20 Tracks Of the Year