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“I have no idea what aeolian cadences are........they sound like exotic birds”    John Lennon


Welcome to my self-indulgent music appreciation site with a techie slant especially for musos looking for some trainspotter songwriting analysis with their rock & pop reviews, along with brief audio clips.

As well as plenty of conventional criticism - on artists from The Beatles to Joe Bonamassa - we draw on some simple music theory to highlight the defining harmony, melody and rhythm that, for us at least, ‘makes’ the song. Often the music is dissected in the context of the lyrics as, in so many great songs, these uncannily complement each other in subtly semantic fashion.

While also forming a shameless plug for my Beatles book and my guitar writing and teaching activities, the site helps to develop a simple framework for pop music appreciation, starting with some of the most common songwriting Tricks and chord clichés heard down the years.

This is complemented by a more challenging Blog that pontificates on one main song or topic. The Reviews section, arranged by decade and calendar year, focuses on top tracks across a range of genres, and encompasses the self-styled Anorak Awards: imaginary gongs for songs, solos and classy compositional highlights.

For those intrigued by the the techie term that inspired our domain name, click Aeolian cadence.  Featured items include:

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With The Lost Boys’ two EPs crammed with catchy indie Mod pop, we present: (1) a nerdy appreciation of today’s finest unsigned band, (2) a case study of In My Sleep, their most brilliant ballad.



Ballroom Blitz! The Strypes Conquer Camden

Check out our gig review - we swear we were there.

Meanwhile, a track-by-track appreciation of the band’s debut album, Snapshot, is in the pipeline [and should be posted by November 9th]