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“I have no idea what aeolian cadences are........they sound like exotic birds”    John Lennon


BLOG HOME  - for musos in search of the finer points of pop appreciation

This is the home page for my periodic musings on a particular topic or song that grabs my attention. While the Tricks section of the website develops an analytical framework based on common chord sequences, this Blog mixes conventional music criticism with offbeat essays exploring some of the more esoteric aspects of pop and rock appreciation, from exotic scales and lefty-field lyrical semantics to the minutiae of musical copyright.

22.   Ballroom Blitz! The Strypes Conquer Camden - detailed gig review

21.    In My Sleep - anatomy of The Lost Boys’ perfect indie pop ballad

20.    The Lost Boys Find The Formula - a muso’s guide to the unsigned songsmiths

19.    The Top 25 Punk/New Wave albums - a weekly series of gob-stained classics

18.    The Year Zero Myth - a muso’s guide to Punk/New Wave

17.    Punk/New Wave 1976-1979 - introduction to our Jubilee-themed retrospective

16.    The Twelve Tricks Of Christmas - Festive Treats For Musos

  1. 15.   50 Years Of ‘The Runaway Run’ - Del Shannon to The Noisettes 

14.     Robert Johnson - Steady Rollin’ Legend (100th anniversary celebration)

13.     Tribute To Gary Moore - A special appreciation of his blues and ballads

12.     Dust To Dust  - A track-by-track appreciation of Joe Bonamassa’s Dust Bowl

11.     Joe Bonamassa - exclusive interview with the Blues maestro

10.     Strokes Of Genius - The Unofficial Roots Of NME’s Album Of The Noughties

  1. 9.      The Xmas Factor - The Staying Power Of Slade’s Christmas Cracker

8.       Slick Skulls - The Retro Reharmonisation of I Know What I Am

  1. 7.      VIva La Lawyers!  A look back at Joe Satriani’s claims on Coldplay

6.       Cuts Special! - The Undiminished Genius Of The Specials’ Ghost Town

  1. 5.      The Cure & Camus - Exotic Scales & Existentialism    [Part 2]

4.       World Cup Special - Exotic Scales in Pop Music    [Part 1]

3.       UK Election Special - The Eton Rifles’ Tonal Tease

2.       Found! The Beatles’ elusive Aeolian cadence  

1.       Is this the most famous article in pop history?